Jordan Klassen
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Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm glad you've found your way over here, and we hope that you'll be able to join us on this most blessed night of Christmas Eve! It will certainly look a little bit different than it has in the past, but importantly, some things will remain the same as always: we will gather together in whatever way we can, we will hear the good news of Jesus Christ our Emmanuel--God with us, and we will sing praises and "glory to the new born King."

As it usually does, the service will begin at 6:00 pm and will be roughly 45 minutes. Please arrive a little bit early to ensure everyone is parked and settled before the service begins, pull out the carol lyrics or carol hymn sheets you'll find below, and tune your radio to 90.7 fm.

We are still in the 'code red circuit breaker' level of Manitoba's Pandemic Response, so we would ask that you stay in your vehicles at all times with the windows closed. We are not allowed to offer the use of our washrooms, so if you need to drive off for whatever reason please feel free to do so.

It is our prayer that you will be blessed by this service, and that you will be able to join us in worshipping our Saviour together.

This hope is still thrilling, this weary world still rejoices!