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Good day dear ones,

Christmas! Don’t even pretend that you’re not super excited that this Sunday marks the first week of Advent, because let’s be honest here: this year has been trying and taxing in just about every conceivable way. As believers in Christ, our hope is drawn from a well spring that is eternally overflowing, but there is something especially refreshing about a season that is centred around the scripture’s promise of HOPE, the very manifestation of GOD WITH US, and the PROMISE that he will ultimately overcome this world and rescue us from the serpent’s bite. So yeah, Christmas! I, for one, can’t wait! Whenever that day comes for you, when that festive urge befalls you and you’re looking for some good tunes to help warm those chilly evenings, here are a few solid recommendations:

  • Christmas by Phil Wickham (2019)

Phil’s effortless voice and fairly simple modern arrangements offer a calming, easy listen. But don’t just let it run in the background while you’re ginger-snapping or you’ll miss some fantastic music, like the mashup of Joy To The World and Ode To Joy. And truly, I think Away In A Manger will never be the same when you listen to this version.

  • Classic Christmas by Johnny Cash (1980)

Grab some eggnog, throw another log on the fire and drop the needle on this iconic album with the whole family gathered ‘round. Listen to Johnny croon out all the carols and only the carols (with exception of track 10) like only Johnny can. I can’t pick a favourite song because, as was the case with records in that day, the album is meant to be listened to as a whole body music, so that’s how I recommend listening to this gem. May it bless your heart as much as it has mine.

  • Sing The Bible: Family Christmas by Randall Goodgame of Slugs and Bugs (2020)

My family and I have recently been so very blessed by Goodgame’s recent series of “Sing the Bible” volumes, and his latest Christmas offering is no different! Give this incredibly kid-friendly album a good listen, and in no time flat you’ll find yourself (and your kids too) singing tracts of scripture that will help keep us well grounded in the true meaning of Christmas. You’ll also enjoy his musical-biblical-imaginacle rendition of the Peanuts classic, Linus and Lucy, reinterpreted for Mary and Joseph!

Oh, dear brothers and sisters! I can’t wait for you all to be fully swept up in the glory and majesty and music of this blessed celebration of our God and of His Christ! You can find all of these albums, as well as the recommendations we’ve made from Christmases past on our official YouTube (click here)and Spotify (click here) pages, all in convenient playlist form. May this music bless your hearts and draw you to Christ during this season of hope as we celebrate “the dawn of salvation beginning to break.”

O Come Let Us Adore Him!


Much love in Christ,